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Last December 31, 2001 817 priests of Ifá met, in representation of the immense majority of the branches or families of Cuba, in addition counting with the endorsement of priests of Ifá from the following countries: Brazil, Belgium, Colombia, Costa Rica, Spain, United States, Mexico, Italy, England, Panama, Puerto Rico and Venezuela. The gathering took place in the house-temple located on Avenida Diez de Octubre #1509 between Josefina and Gertrúdis, La Vibora, municipio Diez de Octubre, Ciudad Habana, Cuba.

This ceremony was presided by the Ifá Priest Guillermo Diago “Ogbé Weñe” and the odú was brought by the youngest priest, counting on the presence of a great number of Ifá priests of ample capacity and of recognized national and international prestige, whose analyses and evaluations reveal the directions presented in the present document.

Ruling Sign: Ogundá Gbedé (Ogundá Ogbé)

This sign is also known as: Ogunda sorí ire fogbe- ¨Ogundá binds the blessed head and puts Ogbé in place.”

Ògúndá Ábede- Ogún gives a clean cut with his sword.

Profecía: Osobo Ikú Intorí Arayé (Death due to complaints, debates and offense)

Olofín Oniré: Olofin blesses (and defends).

Offering to Eshu: 3 balls of cooked cornmeal with canary seeds (alpiste)

Ruling divinity: ELEGBÁ

Accompanying divinity: OSHÚN

Flag of the Year: Half white and half black with yellow borders


  • Grave neurological and psychological diseases
  • Diseases of the throat
  • Infectious and contagious diseases
  • Increase and worsening of diseases of the lower stomach with the possibility of surgical intervention
  • Liver diseases
  • Poisoning from consuming spoiled or badly prepared foods
  • Pregnant women should follow medical orders with absolute pulchritude


  • A high number of robberies and a rise in violence
  • Congenital deformations produced by incompatible blood groups
  • Discovery of a new species (genetic crossings-mutations)
  • The death of famous people and those in high positions
  • Towns brought down (enslaved) as a product of war
  • The destruction of a government (through world international accord and the intervention of the military)
  • The spread of disease generated by pigs that can affect other types of livestock
  • Difficulties in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Irregularities in climate will continue with changes that are abnormal for the season
  • Problems with medical diagnoses and the application of medication- medical malpractice
  • Problems in the marketplace (swindles, fraud, robberies and acts of violence)
  • Accidents caused by holes and pits
  • Increase in marital infidelity with the risk of death
  • The breaking of commercial contracts
  • An increase in social corruption (the consumption of drugs and alcoholism)
  • Marital violence with dangerous repercussions for the family in general and the children in particular
  • It is recommended not to be outdoors unnecessarily at inopportune hours of the night

Special Note: Those that were sanctioned (Ejó) during the reign of the past sign, Ogbé’yonú (Ogbé Ogundá) will be punished with death (Ikú) during the reign of the present sign Ogundá Abede (Ogundá Ogbé). Both are Omó Iyá (brothers) and one continues the message of the other. Avoid repeating the errors possibly committed by some in 1990 and 1995. Take the advances and projects established in 1996 as an example.


  • Exercise caution while walking and be observant of holes and pits
  • Careful with the consumption of pork again this year
  • Cut down on the use and consumption of okra
  • Honesty and integrity are strongly recommended
  • Accept the the decrees of those who are in authority
  • Avoid bringing children into the critical affairs of the elders
  • Calls for findings of conciliation
  • We recommend the increase in new maternity plans, assistance, and protection of our children
  • Increase in the marketplace and community service centers
  • The application of Calaguala root (Polypodium calaguala) and ginger for neurological problems
  • Use caution in eating wrapped foods (croquettes, meatballs, stuffed potatoes, etc.) exercising special care in the quality of products with which they are prepared and the places in which they are prepared and consumed


  • Fulfill all debts to the Orishas
  • Those who have been called upon to receive Oduá should do so
  • Those who have been called upon to receive Olokún should do so
  • Throw parties for the Ibejí and those who have been called upon to receive them should do so
  • Those who have been called upon to make Osha should do so
  • Perform ceremonies in the doorway of the house for Elegbá and Ogún


  • The king, before dying, passes on his crown
  • To talk without arguing clarifies many things
  • One man, with the help of Ifá, can challenge 30 men to a fight and defeat them
  • If a slave dies only his mother cries
  • The powerful one that becomes unraveled will unravel the cord that binds the rest
  • To not have stolen is sufficient, do not disguise the theft
  • Honesty is the best politics
  • The male monkey uses his head to avoid death
  • The tree trunk does not sway
  • As long as the world exists, the vulture will not eat plants

The Comisión Organizadora de la Letra del Año wishes you happiness and prosperity in 2003.

Translated by Frank Howard, Babá Ejiogbé, administrator of the well-known website Orishanet.com.

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