Spiritualism and its Diffusion across the Spanish Caribbean
Guest Lecturer: Ysamur Flores-Peña, PhD.
Date: April 30th—May 28th, 2017
Time: 11 am to 1 pm, EST
Cost: $150.00
Limit: 25 students

This class will meet every Sunday for four consecutive weeks, beginning on April 30. There will be no class on May 14th due to the Mother’s Day holiday.

The class will meet for four sessions and will be offered via Webex. Participants must download and subscribe to the free version of Webex that is available online. It will be available to anyone who is interested in the topic: the class is NOT exclusively for olorishas.

This seminar will provide a profound understanding of Kardecian spiritualism and its diffusion throughout the Spanish Caribbean (Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico), and other areas of Latin America. In addition, the class will discuss the encounter between Kardecian spiritualism and the Indigenous and African religious traditions it found in the Caribbean, especially the Bantú-Congo practices that were present and very influential in all three islands.

Finally, the class will review the diffusion of these traditions to the United States, brought by immigrants from these islands, beginning as early as the nineteenth century. This more recent migration has introduced Americans from all walks of life, many of whom seek responses that Western religion has not provided. In the U.S., Caribbean spiritualism not only meets the practices of its sister islands, as continues interacting with the African religions that began flourishing there in the 1960s when Cuban immigrants introduced Congo and Lukumí (Yoruba) religion.

To register, please click the following link: REGISTER. Because this is an open class, there is no need to provide references.

After filling out the form, follow this link to Eleda.Org’s “Seminars & Payments.” Once there, look for the class and post a $50 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. The balance must be paid NO LATER than April 23rd. You may also opt to pay in full.

The week before the class, you will receive an email with a Webex link that will take you to the class. Please, it is important that you familiarize yourself with Webex before the first class, as it is impossible for Dr. Flores or any of Eleda.Org’s staff to assist you when the class starts.

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