Orisha Tools

California: San Francisco & Vicinity

Maria Concordia, Ogún Gbemí
San Pedro Metal Works
182 10th Street, 1st Floor, Oakland, California 94607
(510) 839-4868
Ogún Gbemí has introduced some very interesting and innovative variations of the traditional Orisha tools. Her crown for Yemojá Ogunté and the tools for her tutelary Orisha, Ogún, are particularly noteworthy.


Bryan Donnelly

Florida: Miami & Vicinity

Eduardo A. Salas
Salas Artistic Metal, Inc.
One of Miami’s most refined Orisha toolmakers, his work was featured in the “At the Crossroads. . .” exhibit. His tools are made from the finest materials and are very beautiful and sturdy. Salas’ crowns for Obatalá, Yemojá and Oshún are stunning. Salas was also the creator of the 4 coned osun which has been imitated by other toolmakers but never rivaled.

Tools by Nelson Hernández
5830 W. Flagger Street, Miami, FL 33144
(305) 269-0045

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