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In 2019, Eleda.Org Seminars will begin its compound odu class. The class is scheduled to start on February 5th. While the class will meet in Miami on Tuesdays from 7:30 to 9:00 pm, it will be filmed for those who cannot participate during the scheduled day and time. The video will be available the next day, and you will have one week in which to see it.

To take this class, you must have first taken our Dilogún course and submitted the required projects.

There is no set time limit for this class. The length of the course will be determined by the students’ ability to comprehend the material.

Cost: $20 for in-class participation
$25 for online or video participation

To register, click the following link and provide the necessary information:

We shall begin reviewing applications in January.

Please do not register unless you comply with the requirements.


A new cycle of Eleda.Org’s video ordination seminar, in English, begins in January 2019.

Cost: $25 a class, payable in advance, on a monthly basis

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Begins: September 6th, 2018
Time: Thursdays, 7:30 to 9 pm, EST
Location: Miami, Eleda.Org’s office in Westchester
Cost: $20 per class (In-class participation) $25 per class (Webex)–payable in advance, on a monthly bas
Limit: 25 students

Guest lecturer: Jorel Rodríguez

Eleda.Org announces a new approach to divination classes, an introductory course to the Lukumí Dilogún oracle.

Unlike our full seminar, this class will be open to all Lukumí olorishas so long as they can verify their ordination status. It will help to promote a greater understanding of the oracle’s procedures, significance, and basic interpretation, and lay important foundations, especially for the younger olorisha to develop a better understanding of odu. This, in turn, will assist younger olorishas to better guide their ilé and godchildren. It will also pave the way for those who have taken our ordination seminar and are interested in taking our full Dilogún course.

If you are interested in partaking of this seminar, register as soon as possible. You must provide a minimum of two verifiable references that will confirm your religious status/ordination and their contact information.


Once you application has been approved, we shall send an email requesting a NON-REFUNDABLE $50.00 deposit, which will be deducted from your first month’s dues. Please make sure that your email address is entered correctly in the registration form. The deposit must be paid by August 15th. The request for the balance of the first month’s payment will be sent to all the participants the week before the class begins.

The deposit is payable through Eleda.Org’s “Seminars & Payments” section. We cannot guarantee a seat without a deposit. DO NOT POST YOUR DEPOSIT UNTIL YOU HAVE RECEIVED AN EMAIL NOTIFYING THAT YOU HAVE BEEN APPROVED TO PARTICIPATE.

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Okú ó!

The March 16, 2018 police incursion into an Orisha ceremony in San Antonio, Texas, has disturbed and offended the US Orisha community. We at Oloshas United heard the expressions of anguish and anger from our community. OU has created a fund to assist with the legal fees for defending our brethren in San Antonio. At this time, any support you can assist with is appreciated. Please dig into your pockets and help us to help them. As is well known, OU is an established IRS-recognized 501(C)3—a non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Help your Orisha comrades, for in so doing, you are helping OUR religion.

Please use the following PayPal donation link to extend a generous hand.


La incursión policiaca durante un ritual de Osha en San Antonio, Texas, del pasado 16 de marzo de 2018 ha alarmado y ofendido a toda la comunidad Orisha de EEUU. Oloshas United ha escuchado las expresiones de angustia y descontento de nuestra comunidad. Hemos creado un fondo para asistir a nuestros hermanos y hermanas de San Antonio con los costos legales de su defensa. Toda ayuda será eternamente agradecida. Por favor, rebusque en su bolsillo y ayúdenos a asistirlos a ellos. Como es bien sabido, OU es una organización sin fines de lucro 501(c)3, reconocida por el IRS. Toda donación que nos haga es deducible de sus impuestos.

Ayude a sus hermanos y hermanas en Orisha, ya que al hacerlo, estará ayudando a NUESTRA religión.

Por favor, ese el siguiente enlace de PayPal para extender su mano generosa.

Kí Olorún n’agbé wá!

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On the Orishas’ Roads and Pathways: Obatalá, Odúa, Oduduwá is the second in a collection of publications on Lukumí Orisha religion. Ramos has published many other works. His Orí Eledá mí ó . . . Si mi cabeza no me vende (2011), Adimú: Gbogbó Tén’unjé Lukumí (2012), and Obí Agbón—Lukumí Divination with Coconut (2012) have received much praise from the Orisha community. The first volume in this series, On the Orishas’ Roads and Pathways: Oshún, Deity of Femininity, laid the foundations for this volume on Obatalá and Odúa, which promises to engage the reader and promote necessary and meaningful discourse and consideration of important themes on the current state of Lukumí religion as it experiences its transition onto the stage of world faiths.

Price: $35.99
621 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-877845-18-5
©2017, Miguel W. Ramos

Shipping & Handling: USPS Priority Mail for orders from the U.S., P.R., and US Virgin Islands: $7.25



Eledá.Org Seminars

Ewé Osayín—Osayín, his gifts, and our relationship with them

Lecture 8: Herbs and the Odu Ejionle/Ejiogbe
Date: Sunday, April 8, 2018
Time: 11 AM to approximately 3 PM
Cost: $60 (in-class participation); $70 for Webex participants

Last day to register: March 31, 2018
For Olorishas Only.

This series will help the serious olorisha to establish well-founded theoretical and practical perspectives and knowledge about herbs and their usage in Lukumí Orisha Worship.

This lecture will discuss the proscriptions and prescriptions related with the Odu Ejionle/Ejiogbe and several of the Odu’s defense mechanisms through the use of herbs and ebó ewé ní l’ara—ritual or purificatory baths. Though the class will be vital for all participants interested in founding solid foundations about herbs and odu, this class will be of special interest to those olorishas who have Ejionle/Ejiogbe as their guiding odu. Don’t miss it.

Space is limited so act quickly, but please do not reserve if you are not serious about taking the class.

All those interested in participating must send register by clicking the registration link and filling out the form. You must provide your full birth and osha names, date and place of initiation, the name and contact information for TWO olorishas that can verify your status as an olorisha. References are a MUST. Without this verification, you CANNOT participate.


Once your information is verified, you will be asked to pay an initial $40.00, NON-REFUNDABLE deposit using PayPal. The balance must be paid by April 1, 2018. Failure to do so could cost you your seat in the class and the loss of your deposit.

Select the appropriate option

A new Cycle of Eleda.Org’s Video Dilogún Course begins in April 2018


Cost: $25 per class, payable in advance, on a monthly basis

If you have already COMPLETED Eleda.Org’s ordination course and have complied with all the requirements, you may register for the upcoming the Video Dilogún course.

If you have not completed your projects, hurry. The new class begins in April.

Before registering, be aware that this is not a short course. Contrary to the thinking of some olorishas, Dilogún is a complex oracle, and learning it is not a simple process. Be ready to commit for the long run or don’t register.



A new cycle of Eleda.Org’s video ordination seminar, in English, begins in April 2018.

Cost: $25 a class, payable in advance, on a monthly basis

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A new cycle of Eleda.Org’s Live ordination seminar, in English, begins March 6, 2018.

Day & Time: Tuesdays, 7:30 to 9:00 P.M., in our Westchester office

Cost: $20 a class if you participate in person; $25 a class if you participate on Webex. The dues are payable in advance, on a monthly basis

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Curso de dilogún en español, disponible para todo aquel que haya tomado nuestro seminario de la iniciación a la religión lukumí.

Comienza Marzo 7, 2018

Miércoles, de 7:30 a 9:00 P.M., en nuestra oficina en Miami

Límite: 25 personas en el aula y 10 a través de Webex.

Costo: $20.00 por clase, si la toma en vivo, o $25.00 si participa por Webex. Esta suma debe ser pagada por adelantado mensualmente, al comienzo de cada mes.

Puede participar en vivo, tanto en nuestra oficina en Miami, como por medio de Webex (debe bajar e instalar la versión gratuíta de Webex). Esto lo debe especificar al llenar la aplicación.

Este seminario cubrirá detalladamente la metodología y los procedimientos asociados con el oráculo del Dilogún, incluyendo el ebó oriaté, indispensable para todo aquel que desea conocer el Dilogún. El presente será un curso intensivo de Dilogún. Presentará al estudiante ante la materia y, a la vez, le estimulará a pensar e intentar aplicar el conocimiento adquirido a la vida moderna, de manera sensata y razonada, evitando el fanatismo que se deriva del desconocimiento y de la inescrupulosa manera en la cual algunos malemplean este valioso legado nuestro.

La presente clase requiere constancia y dedicación. Este curso no es para todo el mundo. Sólo deben aplicar aquellas personas que tengan un interés serio en el estudio de la materia y estén dispuestas a dedicar el tiempo que ésta requiere. De lo contrario, no pierda su tiempo ni tampoco el nuestro.

Todo aquel interesado en tomar la clase tiene que demostrar que ya conoce la mojuba estudiada en el seminario de iniciación. Se le pedirá que la recite, usando uno de varios medios electrónicos, lo cual se coordinará antes del comienzo de la clase.
Pulse aquí para registrase:


La registración requiere que provea su nombre, dirección, número(s) de teléfono y dirección(es) electrónica(s). Como ya han participado en nuestro seminario de iniciación, no será necesario verificar su estatus religioso. Por lo tanto, puede obviar ese requisito de la planilla.

Una vez registrado, debe proveer un depósito NO-REEMBOLSABLE de $50 a través de nuestra sección de pagos Depósito. El balance del primer mes lo debe pagar antes de Enero 2, 2018.

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