Miami, Florida

It is with great sadness that we report the transition of a relentlessly devoted young olorisha, Hiram Nieves, Adetunde, at the age of 41. He was a deeply dedicated priest of Oshanlá and his religiosity was an inspiration to many. In his 7 years as a priest, he developed a considerable understanding about his orisha and his religion, and their role in guiding and bringing peace, serenity, and stability to his life. May Olorún bless his family with the solace to accept this tragic loss, and bring strength and peace to his mother Margie Noblecilla, Ibulari.

Adetundé attended my ordination seminar in 2005 and was one of my more memorable students. I enjoyed his participation in my classes because goodwill and kindness emanated from him naturally. He was a very kind and gentle person who always had good things to say even when times were rough. His religious devotion was unquestionable, even during turbulent and difficult times. Like one of his cohorts, Carlos Mielgo, Oshún Laibó—who lamentably has also left us—Adetundé’s presence in our lives during those six or so months gave a particular character to that specific group of students and friends which has yet to be surpassed. I extend my condolences to his mother, his family, and his babalorisha and join them in beseeching Olodumaré to grant Adetundé safe passage to orún. Ibé é l’ayén’torún Adetundé.

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