By JENNY BARCHFIELD, Associated Press
Sign On San Diego

HAVANA — Cuba’s Santeria priests say 2011 will be a year of change and “reorganization,” characterized by growing economic openness and threats of war and coups d’etat. Continue reading »

Published January 03, 2011
Fox News Latino

Havana – Cuba’s Santeria priests, known as “babalawos,” recommended Monday in their traditional New Year’s message the elimination of “old political schemes in order to benefit from a new social order.” Continue reading »

Tue, 04 Jan 2011 11:57a.m.

A panel of Afro-Cuban Santeria priests have announced their predictions for the year 2011, which included social and political changes, wars, coups d’etat, and said the world would see the death a number of political and social leaders. Continue reading »

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