A new Cycle of Eleda.Org’s Video Dilogún Course begins August 1, 2021.


Cost: $25 per class, payable in advance, on a monthly basis

If you have already COMPLETED Eleda.Org’s ordination course and have complied with all the requirements, you may register for the upcoming the Video Dilogún course. This is NOT an open course. It is for those who have taken our Ordination seminar, so if you have not, please don’t register. You will not be accepted.

If you have not completed your projects, hurry. The new class begins August 1st. Those of you who submitted projects and are still waiting for us to return them may also enroll as well.

Before registering, be aware that this is not a short course. Contrary to the thinking of some olorishas, Dilogún is a complex oracle, and learning it is not a simple process. Be ready to commit for the long run or don’t register.




A new cycle of Eleda.Org’s video ordination seminar, in English, begins Sep. 5, 2021.

Cost: $25 a class, payable in advance, on a monthly basis.

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