Chicago, Illinois
In the house of Hector Rodriguez
Iroso Ofun Omo Ordun

The Sign of the Year is:

I0 II I0
0I I0 II

Osa-Rete Ire Ariku Elese Orula

Oniche Si-Ko

Oniche to Eggun- Flowers, Coffee, Oti, Honey, and a Cigar

Ruling for the year is: Obatala

Accompanying this year is: Yemaya

Offerings for The Orishas

Obatala-8 Pears

Yemaya-2 Watermelons

Olokun- Who ever doesn’t have it must receive it


Cleaning with 8 pigeons in Obatala, 8 towers of meringue

2 roosters to Yemaya, a “chinchin” of shrimp

For Santeros and Awos

When Obatala is fed a goat, you must invite Orula to eat also to unite them and to avoid problems in between personal family and religious family.

The Flag

Rectangular shape with white in the middle and a blue border

Head Rogations

2 white pigeons or with a fish

Sign of Ebbo from the Tablero of Orula

El Ebbo de Osa-Rete


Clean the house with incense and myrrh

Advice for the Year

Must keep all promises you make to people and the saints
Take care of your marriage
Be careful with betrayal or offerings that are not fulfilled
If you offer something to someone keep your word
Take care of your stomach
Don’t eat too much meat, green bananas, and name

Babalawos That were present

Erasmo San Roman- Oshe Otura
Robert Barnslater- Ogunda Masa
Jose Herrera- Ojuani Shobe
Michael Rodríguez- Otura Aira
Orlando Rivera-Iroso Osa
Manuel Marnotes- Obe Juani
Narciso Garcia- Obe Wene
Ruben Rodríguez- Ogunda Yeku
Carlos San Roman Jr. – Baba Eyiobe
Emmanuel Herrera- Irete Shuka
Hector Rodríguez Jr.- Osa Melle
Angel Grimaldo – Osa Oshe
Saul Rodríguez- Osa di
Joe Jones Sr.- Oshe Nilobe
Anthony Rodríguez- Obetura
Victor Guzman- Obe Sa
Emilio Zavala- Osa Oshe
Francisco Rivera-Otrupo-Ordi
Victor Perez-Osa Iroso
Ruben Fernandez- Ogunda-Bede
Jorge Jones- Oshe Melli

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