From the Organizing Commission to Take out the Letter of the Year
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To the Priests of Ifa, to our Brothers the Oriates, Babaloshas, Iyaloshas, and Iworos. To the Religious Public in General.

On December 31, 2004 864 Ifa priests, representing the vast majority of branches and families from Cuba, gathered. At the house temple situated on Ave 10 de Octubre #1509 and Josefina y Gertrudis, Vibora, Municipio 10 de Octubre, City of La Habana, Cuba.

This ceremony was presided over by the Ifa priest Guillermo Diago “Ogbe Weñe” and the letter was taken out by the youngest priest.

These orientations are the result of a thorough analysis undertaken by a group of priests with broad knowledge and recognized prestige, both nationally and internationally.

Ruling Sign: Ofún Tempolá (Ofún Otura) – Ofun calls the Corojo.
Witness: Babá Ejiogbe.
Prophecy: Ire aiku lowo Shango (Good health/long life at the hands of the giver of waters).
Ruling Divinity: Shango “this divinity is considered the bringer of water during droughts”; He is the Orisha of lightning, of justica and war, protector of soldiers. He is received to protect us from a constant war against us. He punishes liars, corrupt persons and those who commit immoral and irreverant acts. He is offered sacrifices in times of war and of great thunder storms. His origin is Oyo, sacred city of Nigeria.
Some of his Oriki are: Obba Kó Só (The King was not hung), Olufina (He who perforates with fire). His principal ewe is Okikan (jobo – Jobo spendias). The sacrifices he receives are: father sheep, turkeys, roosters and guinea fowl. His taboos are white beans (sese), kidney beans and femal animals.
His food offerings are: Plantains or bananas (Oguedé), cooked corn meal (Amalá), quimbombó soup, (Ilá), Mamey ( Esogui Ara) y watermelon (Bara).

Accompanying Divinity: Oyá, Divinity of storms and soft winds. Identified with the spirit of the ancestors. She is the Godess of the Niger River (Odó Oyá) which received its name from this divinity. She is believed to be the first, and favorite, wife of the Orisha Shango. Tradition tells us the river was originally formed from the copious tears that she wept on the day hr husband died.

Flag of the Year: Completely Red.

Ebbó: Chicken for Eleguá, palm oil, cocoa butter, lard [that is, three kinds of oil]; the spine of a fish with head and tail attached, worn clothes, salt, and the other ingredients (the ebbo goes to the manigua – the bush).

This document is distributed free and this Commission is not responsible for outside people who sell it in the spirit of profit.

Illnesses to Beware of:

  • Contagious diseases. Take care of Leprosy o diseases that present similar symptoms.
  • Neurological diseases
  • Disturbances in the throat an vocal cords
  • Marks impotence in the man

Special Suggestion to Scientists and Researchers:

Study the active medical principals of the Jobo and Ponasi plants.

Events of Social Concern:

  • Great epidemics that can propogate across extensive areas or nations.
  • Modifications in the agricultural sector.
  • Changing the interpersonal relations and tragedies between neighbors.
  • The rupture of compacts between friends through the mechanations of a third party.
  • Military interventions


  1. Betterment of hydraulic systems in general and in urban sectors in particular.
  2. Betterment of the agricultural sector.
  3. Increase dams and reservoirs to guarantee water for consumption
  4. Be careful with dogs
  5. Take baths with herbs from the sign.
  6. Sacrifice 3 pigeons to Oshosi
  7. Do cleansings with grains and other ingredients
  8. Comply with aquired religious promises
  9. Consolidate marriage.
  10. A sign of espionage. A sign of sentencing.
  11. Make sacrifices to achieve your purposes
  12. Take care when giving shelter to strangers
  13. Only faith and prayer save

Proverbs of the Sign:

  1. Green head, hollow head
  2. While there is a head, the hat should not be carried in the hands
  3. The empty sack does not stand up
  4. It is useless to show gold earrings to someone without ears
  5. The tongue speaks faster than the head thinks

Metaphorical Message:

  • The Liar throws coco and it is not propitious, he that breaks pacts throws coco and evil is ptresaged, thos of good character throw coco and it simply comes favorable.
  • The farmer that plows his land thinking he would find a pot and instead found an Eggun (fossil) and was made rich.

Collective Sacrifice for the Benefit of the Community

3 sheep, large hoes, 3 machetes

The translation from Spanish to English was done by Frank Baba Eyiogbe of OrishaNet ( This translation may be copied freely as long as the translation is not sold for profit and the origins are properly cited.

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