We reproduce this press release because we find that it has relevance as a news item. Nonetheless, we are not familiar with the International Council for Ifa Religion, though some of the names that sign this communiqué are known to us.

Subject: PRESS RELEASE–D’Haifa title taken!!!!!


From: International Council for Ifa Religion

To: World Wide Ifa Order

This Council has been viewing and growing concerns on the ongoing controversy surrounding the report being circulated in effect that one Ms. D’Haifa who is also the Yeye Araba, claims to be in possession of Orisa Odu, which was purportedly given to her by the Olu-Isese, the Araba of Ife , and Chief Makonranwale Adisa Aworeni. This development has generated unprecedented unease and disquiet within and outside the World Ifa Community. The Council, in order to
set the records straight, hereby makes the following clarifications:

  1. It is forbidden for any female of whatever religious or spiritual extraction to be in possession of, handle or view Orisa Odu. This is not in any way discriminatory against womanhood but rather, it is purely and strictly in consonance with the tenets of Ifa as expressed in Ofun Meji 16:4, Irete-Osa 221:8; Irete-Ofun 226:18 and Otutupon-Rete 194:11.
  2. Any female claiming to be in possession of or handles, or views Orisa Odu has therefore broken a major taboo of Ifa and has herself to blame for the physical and spiritual consequences of her actions.
  3. The Council equally notes that neither Ms. D’Haifia nor her association has any record with the International Council for Ifa Religion, the umbrella body of all Ifa adherents the world over.

In conclusion, the Council makes the following declarations:

  1. All females are strictly warned in their own physical and spiritual interests never to contemplate acquiring Orisa Odu, let alone touching or viewing it. It will do them no good whatsoever, since failure to own one does not detract them from their spiritual
  2. essence in any way.
  3. If any female claims to own an Orisa Odu, such a female is doing so, contrary to the tenets and injunctions of Ifa. In this wise, those women in possession of Orisa Odu in whatever shape or form should consider it of no spiritual value, since those from whom they claimed to have collected the Odu, are well aware of the inexorable fact that it is an abomination for a female to own, keep or view Orisa Odu.
  4. For bringing the name of Ifa and womanhood into disrepute and for dragging the revered of Ifa I the mud and by generating avoidable controversy, the International Council for Ifa Religion (of which the Araba of Ife is Chairman, Board of Trustees) hereby withdraws the
  5. chieftaincy title of Yeye Araba from Ms. D’Haifa with immediate effect.
  6. The Council hereby warns all charlatans, impostors, fakes and unethical practitioners of Ifa to desist forthwith as there will be no hesitation to invoke all necessary corrective measures on anyone, no matter his/her position within the Ifa Community.
  7. All Temples and Associations of Ifa worship in all parts of the world are hereby advised to register with the Council unfailingly and as soon as possible to avoid being denied all rights and privileges associated with membership of the Council.

Balogun Awo Agbaye & President

Olubikin of Ile-Ife

Board of Trustees: Chief Aworeni, Professor Wande Abimbola, Chief Oyewole Odenmakinda, Chief Odutola Akinpelu, Professor Idowu Odeyemi, Chief Ifayikua Odutola, Chief Adeboye Oyesanya, Chief Awodiran Agboola

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