Lazaro P. Alfaro Lazaro Ramos
Antonio Pena Abelardo Hernández
Angel Riana Jorge C. Cuadra
Juan Carlos “Yiyi” Ernesto Pichardo
Otto Tianga Esther Amores
Olga Ramos Henry Pascual
Beatriz Rodriguez Dolores Rivera
Rita Guerra Jeffrey Gonzalez
Fabian Hernández Cristina Hernández

The meeting took place at Olorisha Henry Pascual, Oñí Lainú’s home in Miami.

Donations and Preparations:
Ernesto Pichardo opened the meeting notifying the group that $ 1,800.00 had been donated thus far.


The group agreed that preparations would be made for 500 attendees.


A motion was made by Abelardo Hernández to eliminate cooking and food for drum. He
stated that it was “. . .a drum and not a dinner party!” After some discussion and objections, it was decided to only have akará (bean fritters), sweets, and bread to serve to the attendees.

For the Oro Christina and Lazaro volunteered to prepare and bring the adimús to be offered to Egún.

More canned sodas will be purchased in addition to the 75 sodas already donated.

Abelardo Hernández (2), Cristina Hernández(2), and Otto Tianga (2) will bring water coolers to be used for the refreshments.


There was some concern over this issue but it was finally decided that seven cars will take the fruits from the throne to seven religiously symbolic places.

The following people volunteered:

1-Fabian & Cristina Hernández: Southern point (Perine)
2-Isabel and Oscar Urtiz: Northern Point (Broward)
3-Otto Tianga: Western Point (Everglades/Krome Avenue)
4-Henry Pascual: River
5-Betty Rodriguez: Savannah
6- Pending volunteer: Ocean
7- Pending volunteer: Bush

Betty Rodriguez has a friend who volunteered to as a security guard. Cristina Hernández will also call Mario Yaques to ask for advice and/or a volunteer. Otto Tianga will call his uncle to ask for a 2nd volunteer.


1. Angelito Riana- will call “El Negro,” the drummer to ensure that he has been informed of the activities

2. Christina Hernández – will confer with Willie Ramos to investigate the status of the panels and head-wear pledge he obtained. She will also call Tony Pena about the outfit that has been donated for Ogun.

3. Everyone whom attended the meeting will bring a white towel and a gourd (jícara) to
the Oro for use at the Drum on Sunday.

4. Henry Pascual and Otto Tianga- will purchase bread, akará mix, and sodas.

5. Otto Tianga- will call Red Cross to get information on donating food that will
not be used. He will also call to rent portable toilets.

6. Cristina Hernández- will call Esequiel to organize when Abelardo Hernández, Angelito
Riana, and Cristina Hernández will go to take Aña its tributes.

Everything will be brought to the ranch on Friday the 2nd in order to prepare for the drum.


Otto Tianga will organize the volunteers. (Please contact him with any names at
305-505-2358 or

1. Isabel & Oscar Urtiz
2. Xiomara (Monga)
3. Maria Adela
4. Sini
5. Betty Rodriguez
6. Oneida Prado
7. Lola Rivera
8. Pablo Alvarez

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