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Orí Eledá Mí Ó…If My Head Does Not Sell Me, by Miguel W. Ramos

Our readers are talking:

“… overflowing with knowledge about our tradition—absolutely amazing! Mo dupe-oooo for the dedication of your time and ashe to providing this for us. May Egun and the Orisha bless you with abundantly.
Huberta Jackson-Lowman, Olobatala”

“I bought the book with the idea that you were writing about Orí, but I now see that it is about much more than that. This book is about Orisha religion! This is probably one of the best reference books about the religion that I have seen. Thank you for making this very valuable information available to orisha people.
J. Rodriguez, Oló Obatalá”

“Woah! I see your vision in just the first several pages of this book and I hope and pray that one day this book will be the reference source book like that of Butler’s Lives of the Saints and other books! It is very reminiscent of a Physicians Desk Reference, a sort of one stop look here! Having grown up in organized religion this book is a wonderful map for me!
S. Evans, Oní Yemojá”

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