The spirits of the African diaspora continue to be a living and vibrant part of peoples lives. This show includes a blend traditional and modern interpretations of these spirit, their stories and ceremonies. Curated by Andrew McGregor

Artists include:
Tasha Menary, Monica Bodirsky, Xris Kukiel, Fleur McGregor, Kit Currie, Andrew McGregor , Lydia Knox, Ayoluwa Taylor, Rootwomin.

Opening Reception Thursday May 3rd, 7–9pm
Show runs May 3rd – June 7th.

Out of towners can see the art at this link

The Hermit’s Lamp
398 Vaughan Rd. Toronto, ON M6C2N9 Canada
Phone: 647 286-8739

Date: June 6, 2012
Meets: Wednesdays 7:30-9:00 PM
Instructors: Glen Corredeira and Erasmo Acosta
$20 per class for those S. Florida residents that will participate in person.
$22.50 per class for Skype participation.
The fees are payable in advance, on a monthly basis.

To participate in the Dilogún seminar, the interested individual has to have taken the ordination seminar. No exceptions! The point is that in order to learn to divine, olorishas need to first know and understand the basics of their status as a priest or priestess and the ceremony they went through. Continue reading »

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