Miami, Florida
United States of America
Translated by Olorisha Connie Suaréz, Okán Yolá

To all the Priests of Ifá, to all our brothers, the Oriaté, Babaloshas, Iyalorisha and Iworos, and to the Religious Community in General

On December 31, 2006 a group of prominent Ifá Priests representing the majority of the religious families in the United States with the collective support of 159 Yoruba religious devotees, of which 100 were Babalawos, held the ceremony at 5800 S.W. 123rd Avenue, Miami, Florida.

A collectively prominent group of renowned Priests of Ifá, of both national and international prestige – with whose knowledge, capacity and analysis summarize the following:

Reigning Odu: Irosún Ofún

Prophecy: Osorbo Ofo Owo Otowa (Unexpected Economic or Monetary)

Olofin Oniré (Olofín will Provide)

“Onishe” Kaure


This Prophecy Signifies: Loss of finances, monetary or economic produced by people’s environment/entourage. The Grand Legislator of the universe (Olofin) will aid us. He behooves us to petition him to help guide us through this situation.

Reigning Divinity: Obatalá. This is the orisha of creation. It is said that he sculpted the human form in the womb of the woman. He is one of the eldest orishas. Olofin gave him the power of the world.

Accompanying Divinity: Oshún. This is a feminine orisha, goddess of love, procreation and sister to Yemaya. It is said that she is the owner of all monies.

Flag for 2006: White with yellow trimming.

Ebó: 1 goat (male), 1 rooster, 2 hens, 2 pigeons, soil from the foot of a large tree, 1 trap, 1 ladder, 16 cowries, soil from the 4 street corners, dust/dirt from the home, dirt/dust from a plaza/local market, 1 ladder, 1 female and 1 male doll, 1 stone, plenty of efún (cascarilla), money and the rest of the ingredients.


  • Consistent increase in personal hygiene with specific attention to the skin.
  • Periodic visits to your physician to avoid any blood, digestive or respiratory diseases.
  • Maintain yourself informed with respect to any contaminations in the environment and specific attention with respect to the contamination of water, fish and fowl. In addition, cook all food well and assure yourself of the quality of the water you are consuming.
  • Preventive periodic visits to your physician to avoid any cardiovascular or cerebrovascular diseases.
  • Take precautionary measures to control stress.
  • Both the religious and sanguineous familial relationships should be nurtured to form greater union avoiding any economic/monetary situation, which may affect such union.
  • Husband/wife or anyone in a relationship should increase communication amongst each other to the end to prevent that economic problems do not provoke dissolution of that relationship and give way to adultery.
  • It is recommended that all undocumented population adhere to the different established programs available in order to regularize their migratory status.
  • It is recommended that the government increment more programs for violence control and delinquent behavior.
  • Consistent augmentation of sewerage and drainage systems to avoid floods/inundations; advising the population to respect and comply with pertinent recommendations with reference to natural phenomenon’s to avoid major losses.
  • Increased attention and care to our children and to the destitute/elderly.
  • Avoid participating in delinquent activities, which may lead to judicial problems.
  • Reduce or limit alcoholic beverage intake and avoid all vices in general.
  • Strict monitoring of economic situation and expenses, caution with loaning money or with loans/investments in general.
  • In event that you have to travel, consult with Orúnmilá first before initiating travel plans.
  • Be more vigilant in order to avoid robbery or fraud in all venues commercial and personal.
  • Caution with gaming/gambling issues (there can be deaths due to this).
  • Dress in white as often as possible.
  • It is recommended that you plead/pray to Olofin, Obatalá, Oshún and Babaluayé.
  • If you have pending to receive Babaluayé or Elegbá; you should do so.
  • Be selective in choosing your babalorisha or iyalorisha in Osha.
  • Much attention to Obatalá this year.
  • Those that have pending initiation in Osha should comply with this.

Illnesses that have increased their incidence:

  • Skin diseases such as pustules, eruptive skin diseases, and furuncles.
  • Increase of blood-borne related diseases and of the digestive system.
  • Diseases transmitted by contamination of the water, aviary, fish or of the environment.
  • Cardiovascular or cerebrovascular diseases, which are brought on or heightened by STRESS.
  • All respiratory diseases in general.
  • STRESS is strongly emphasized and all illnesses which are produced or may be produced by this.

Events of Social Interest:

  • Increase in distance between sanguineous family members and of family members in Osha due to discredit and mistrust due to economic/monetary issues.
  • Continued increase dissolution of marriages and relationships due to economic issues and adultery.
  • Continuance of deportation and as a result there will be more labor/employment stability.
  • Increase in crime; domestic and commercial robbery, fraud, assaults, swindles and sentences will be longer i.e. life in prison.
  • Increase in natural phenomenons; such as torrential rains, inundations, landslides, forest fires and snowstorms.
  • Continued change in correlation of armed forces with reference to international treaties.
  • Power struggles amongst the different political–social forces.
  • State secrets will continue to be revealed.
  • Increase of deviant sexual behavior toward children and the destitute/elderly.
  • Sustained accusations, violation of privacy, of informants and confidents.
  • Notable increase in vices such as gambling, alcoholic beverages and drugs etc.
  • This year Olofin predicts that there will be notable increase in the loss of money due to:
    • Increase in cost of consumer good and services.
    • Increase in taxes and insurances.
    • Increase in selling/buying of homes and businesses.
    • Gambling/Gaming.
    • Loans.
    • Investments
    • Robbery, fraud, hold-ups/robbery to banks and commercial establishments.
    • Movement or transfer of large sums of money from one geographical area to another

Tasks to perform in this Odu:

  • Place a straw mat or rug behind the door of your home.
  • Place behind the door of your home a small pouch filled with mixed beans, smoked dried fish & jutía, toasted corn kernels, a branch of Escoba amarga and Cundeamor and tie it together with nine ribbons of different colors.
  • Spread smoked dried fish, jutía and toasted corn kernels around to banish away your enemies.

Proverbs of the Odu:

  • Put the chain on your dog so he can drag it.
  • The sick and the healthy were cured.

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