Eshu3 announces one of its most informative seminars: Ebós and ceremonies that every olorisha should know (for olorishas Only)

Cost: $50.00

You will not want to miss these classes!

The Lukumí Ileké ceremony, first of what will be a series of seminars on topics that will prove to be of great value to every Lukumí olorisha, will take place on November 10, 2019, at Noon, EST. The class will be offered live in our Westchester office in Miami, and via Zoom.

This class will be open to any olorisha who can provide proper references of olorishas who can attest to their ordination. To apply, please click the following link: Ebós and Ceremonies

Once your participation has been approved, you will be sent the pertinent course information and a request for a NON-REFUNDABLE $25 deposit to ensure your place in the class. The remaining $25 balance must be paid by November 1st.

If you are truly interested in learning and developing as an ethical and well-grounded priest or priestess, this series of classes will be vital to that advancement.

Future classes:
Feeding the earth
Feeding egún
Eborí–Head “Rogation”
Attending Eshú in nature

More to come!

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