Note from Eleda.Org: This document is exactly as Odun Alá sent it. It has not been altered or influenced by Eleda.Org. We have chosen to include it on this website because of the manner in which Odun Alá’s guides’ advice seems to correspond with the prophecies of this year’s Ifá and dilogún reading.

W. Ramos,
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Hello (Alafia) All!

This is my second Annual Spirit Guide Reading, for the year 2006! As a reminder, I sit with my Guides, and this information has no influence on any other readings for the year. In fact, I have not read any of the other postings or Reading for the Year, as of yet. I am only aware of the ruling Orishas, and that is it. So, my information would be in its ‘purest’ state and hopefully helpful. I think, in conjunction with the other readings, it can be useful from a spiritual perspective as well. This year, the information is shorter, but more intense!

As a further reminder, although most areas ‘New Year’ is January 1st, my Guides note time and space have changed, charts are very different, and changed as well. That is why the seasons are so drastic and devastating because of changes in our world and time. So, does our year. As a result, the true New Year is the Chinese New Year (which recently passed), and should also be acknowledged as part of true New Year. Some may argue this is questionable or confusing, just take the information as a guide.

I can only hope that this will help everyone and be an additional tool to prepare for the year to come! Please share this information with others so we can all be aware. Regarding questions or comments, please forward to my personal email address ‘’.

Rich Onque, Odun Ala

The Spirits’ Advice


Key Numbers: 1,3,7,8

Key Theme: “Get it fixed in 2006”


The world is trying to balance itself. With that, tragedy is set, cleaning, and removal of thing. Now, spiritually, you need to focus on things – even more than last year. Death is much sharper and now spiritual people are returning to the source. Especially, health wise. The saving grace is completing spiritual journeys or steps. If you have things to be completed (Ocha, elekes, initiation, steps), you need spirit, and need to complete things. Spirit is disappearing because no one is listening. Need to go to church, group, etc -we must take steps together.

Tragedy is set for the world and death is high. What will save you is family (personal, spiritual, etc). Prayer, masses, spiritual circles-get together and resolve your issues – collectively. The grounding and reality check is essential. Start first with your feet on the ground because peoples’ minds are sadden. Tears will roll on your face as well because of all the sad news – ourselves and loved ones.

Don’t be a victim, and do your research. Save each other by praying, and seeking alternative medicines. Healing with herbs is the cure. Ask for help from each other and higher sources. Through prayer circles, answers will come. But, you have to focus. A lot of tears come down, to save the earth. Crashes of many things, and from different directions: Cars into each other, planes coming down, crashing investments – major ups and downs- out of balance. Focus investments in energy and stock/bonds. Property is good as well, but be careful with rental properties. People do not want to pay – running out of money and patience. Working more, and getting less.

Broken contracts, and broken commitments. Know who you are working with and learn. Educate yourself.

Plenty of rumbles in the world and the ground. Shift in the Earth – Earth is trying to re-align itself as we continue to build on dangerous grounds. The Earth is drawing things downward and changing back to dirt.

Respect dirt – if you own properties, and need to security, plant small penny candles in the ground – in all four directions. Plant a white, orange, pink, and brown candle in the ground. To bring peace, love, stability, and protection to your place. If you want a new property, work with new dirt, plant your seeds for a new place. People are lying more – listen at what they are saying.

Leaders are really lying to us and we have to fight for the truth. More questions, strikes, etc. Group justice and exposure will occur. As the ground opens (earthquakes), more news- revealing news comes out – once revealed, the whole truth will follow within 7 days.

Answers to your questions will follow after a large tragedy. War in on the high and more deaths. You will loss more family members will be called back for ‘attack’ or ‘secret’ missions. You must give them a protection charm, amulet, etc. Give them something to wear for protection. Best to give a small sword to keep on their person.

Also, when traveling, a lot more problems with travel – planes, cars, trains, etc. If you own a vehicle, put a small sword charm in your vehicle. Preferable in the front of the car to ‘prevent’ accidents. This will reduce the impact of the accident, but not exempt. Other people will lose control. Also, best to wear charm with either a sword or shield (shield of armor look knights). Or, a Saint or warrior with fighting tools. Also, everyone should spiritual clean themselves, home, car, and children. Take spiritual baths, and burn incenses.

Protect your entrances or your space as well. Put a small sword over the door of your entrance and a ‘Star of David (Jewish star)’ charm too.


There are a number of health concerns and will rise. Especially, in the lower region, sexual organs, and legs. Because of the pull downward, causing organs to dysfunction and dissolve. Take extra care of your blood and watch for blood-related diseases. Regarding, check your blood and more herbal blood purification. Watch the blood pressure as well. With sex organs, protect yourself well. There is a lot of ‘irritation’ in this area. Itching, rashes, pain. Check it and more herbal flushes. As for the anis, keep clean and flush regularly. More colon problems and hidden cancer. Men should be very careful in this area.

Overall, best to drink water, berries juices, and cranberry. Also, it was previously mentioned to have prayer circles. It is recommended to just have spiritual gatherings and pray for each other. Best to have one every other month.

Don’t rely on the leader to do, just do it! Organize them and be the leader!


Here, a lot more breakups, and revealing. If you don’t ask question, you should start. Too many ‘fake’ people and more revealing. At the same time, you should be on alert. But, still open to new people.

There are opportunities for new love in the Spring time, and the end of the Summer.

Honor yourself and keep fresh flowers to attract something new. As well as planting around the house.

As for family, more secrets come out. Wrong things or bad things come out – must deal with the pain and let it go. Fight can breakup families and end things. Work on releasing problems. At the same time, watch the youth. Unfortunately, adults are taking advantage of the children and violating. Pay attention and addressing it. Parents need to be parents again. Children are growing up too fast and need to spend time with their children. Need more family outings. Take time out. Children are lonely and will open the door to strangers and sexual violation. All because they are lonely and feel empty.

As for Spiritual family, need more time together. People are feeling empty and down. Spiritual leaders need to lead now. Create time to teach your group. Everyone is too busy – busy for themselves too. Need to teach more classes, and develop the people.

Also, cross-religions. Learn about other religious and work with others – much to learn there. At the same time, students need to speak up. Do you know what you want to learn? Explore and make a list of what you want to learn. Take ownership, write goals, and discuss them.


With this, last year was ‘cleaning up’ your credit, and getting monies in order. Now, if you haven’t, it may be harder to move forward with finances. Clear out depts and pay off monies owed. Face your fears!

This is the time to grow financially together. Doing shared adventures can be profitable. However, must be dedicated individuals and people who want to stick with the plan. Put monies into the group, and the monies/group will also grow. Now is the time to buy a name/place for group, etc. But, you have to save together. Put monies in!

Even into properties, buildings, etc. But, have to pray on it together.

On an individual bases, moving around is going to happen (ie investments-stock market and property). Cut your loses when you get a chance (ie -rental properties). Save your monies because you will be moving and need money to do so. Eyes are on you and need to change. So, save your monies and ready to move (down payment, deposits, security).

Regarding opportunities, be careful – pay close attention because people will take your money. Missing money, no projects, etc. So look, research, get involved. Use your resources wisely. If you are not sure. Don’t do it!


The ruling element is earth. Shaking of the ground. Foundation balancing, and changing. Very important to stabilize yourself and your surroundings. Keep new dirt around you and hold it sometime. Get into the mud to ‘purify’ yourself and energy. Clean with dirt – mud bathes, roll in it, then rinse in it.

If you have new ideas, plant the seeds or idea in fresh, new dirt. Take a white plate, write your request on a piece of brown paper, and burying it in the dirt (hidden) in the dirt, and light a small white candle on top. Pray and let the candle burn out completely. Best to keep on your shrine or altar. Then, it will manifest. This is best for quick, immediate items (new place, your house to close on house, new job, and waiting to be called, etc). Once fulfilled, take the dirt and throw outside.

Another one –

With dirt, 8 pennies, 8 small requests made out of brown paper, water, and plate. Make mud balls on place 1 pennies, 1 request inside. Leave out to dry and leave on altar for 7 days. After the 7th day, go to 2 different intersections and place 1 ball on each corner. Just place on the ground, ask to open/clear the road, and grant your wishes. Should come to pass rather quickly.

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