EL NACIONAL (Venezuela)
Edición Especial
Associated Press

HABANA After announcing prophesizing the destitution of a governement in Latin America, the Cuban-Yoruba priests seemed worried about the current situation in Venezuela. 817 followers of Santería gathered to cast “La letra del año,” the annual prophecies for 2003.

The reigning “sign” will be Ogundá Ogbe, which augurs the advent of war, violence and the destitution of a government, explained Víctor Betancourt, one of the priest who was present.

When he was asked about the South American country, Betancourt said: “This has an international connotation. We believe that it has a lot to do with Venezuela. All those countries that have contradiction with North American politics can definitely be affected, and especially Venezuela”, he insisted.

Betancourt reminded us about the prior year’s prophecies: “We foretold the coup-de-etat in Venezuela. All the Babalawós know that (according to the sign for 2002) there is a myth that relates the exact same thing that happened to Chávez.

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