The first known adoshú osha—Lukumí ordinations—in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, took place on July 28th, 2003. The ordaining olorisha was Stephen Machón, Omí Iwámí, and the ojigbonas were Machón’s babalorisha, Joseph “Yoito” Montañez, Awanaomílokún, and Isabel Bravo, Oyá Ladé. Three iyawós were ordained, one to Obatalá, one to Oshún, and one to Shangó. The oriaté and many of the olorishas were brought from New York. Also present were various Lukumí olorishas presently living in The Netherlands.

This pioneering ilé in Amsterdam descends from Efushé Warikondó. Montañez was ordained in New York by Juan Izquierdo, Omí Duro who was also ordained in New York by the renowned Rudy Dominguez, Ifáfún’niké. Dominguez, who passed away in 2000, ordained in Cuba in the 1950s by Humberto Pérez, Shangó Leye, gave origin to an impressive lineage outside Cuba with a strong presence in New York and in Puerto Rico.

The pioneer in Holland was Machón, who ordained Mark Azito, Omí Ará Lekún. Azito later established the religious goods store “La Botanica,” to cater to the needs of what appeared to be a growing, primarily spiritual (spiritist) community in Holland. The recent ordinations took place in an area of the shop that Azito has set up to use as a temple for religious ceremonies.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the olorishas that laid these new foundations as well as to the historical iyawós.

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