Odú: Okana Oshé

Iré arikú oyale tesí ‘lese Orunmilá (firm blessings of health provided by Orunmilá)

Adimú: Obí omi tutú & itaná mejí (offering of 2 coconuts and water, and two candles)

Governing Orisha: Obatalá
Accompanying Orisha: Oyá

Flag: White with multi-colored edges

Ebó: 1 rooster, 2 pigeons, 2 hens (Obatalá y Oya ), hair from the person’s head, used clothing, different colored strips of cloth, garbage from the person’s home, soil from a path, a red parrot feather, river sand, scraping from Ogun’s tools, herbs used for making Osayín, firewater, palm oil, smoked fish and jutía, toasted corn, a candle and the corresponding rights.

Ifá Proverbs
To gather water in a basket.
If you do not want responsibility, do not have a family.
The river never withdraws. Instead it pushes forward.

What is born in this Odú
Envy and betrayal.
Falsehoods and embarassment.

Ifá says: Close attention must be given to Elegbá.
Ifá says: We must distance ourselves from any and all vices.
Ifá says: We must avoid corruption inside and outside of the religious sphere.
Ifá says: We must always look out for the family’s integrity, education and unification, to avoid the breakup of the family.
Ifá says: Everyone who has a religious responsibility is obliged to uphold its prestige.
Ifá says: We must be selective when performing consecrations and whom we perform these for.
Ifá says: We must maintain stable marriages.
Ifá says: There will be magical ties, entrapment and deception. Patakí: Shangó & Oyá lived together and he abandonned her. In reprisal, she burnt down his house, his children and commits suicide in the hearth. This results in a great embarassment for Shangó and a profound sense of culpability that eventually drives him mad.
Ifá says: We must be careful of accidents that take place in rivers, the ocean, reservoirs, lakes, etc.
Ifá says: We must do frequent eborí.
Ifá says: Avoid aggressive behavior.
Ifá says: Beware of bad advice that may divert us from proper behavior.
Ifá says: We must give due attention to Egún and Araorún-ancestors and spirits in general.
Ifá says: Beware of witchcraft.
Ifá says: We must always be examples of ethical and respectful behavior with our religious and non-religious brethren.
Ifá says: Receive Oyá.
Ifá says: Honey is a good curative to ward off colds and respiratory ailments.
Ifá says: Beware of fire.
Ifá says: Announces numerous catastrophes: the sea may overgrow and flood coastal areas, inundations from overgrown reservoirs and rivers, mudslides and other catastrophes that will affect us and we must be cautious of.
Ifá says: Refrain from getting wet in the rain, and beware of drastic changes in weather and temperature. Do not smoke.
Ifá says: Beware of emotional overdrives that lead to nervous breakdowns.
Ifá says: Announces affectionns to the respiratory system.
Ifá says: abstain from alcoholic beverages.
Ifá says: If we are capable of organizing ourselves properly, in religious, familiar and personal terms, this will be a beneficial year of great accomplishments.

The ceremonies for the reading were performed in The Asociación Cultural Yoruba de Cuba.

Prado # 615 entre Montes y Dragones, Municipio La Habana Vieja.

Tel. 63-5953 / 63-7660 / 63-7415 Fax 63-7484

E-Mail asyoruba@cubarte.cult.cu

This information is distributed free of charge.

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