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Prescriptions that promise success and money

Popular beliefs guarantee that they are authentic. Therefore, just in case, it is good to reserve a few minutes of the last day of the year to make a petition so that 2003 brings health, peace or so that one can finally conquer the heart of that person who has never corresponded to your love.

But so that the gun does not backfire one must have faith, as emphasized by iyalorishá María Augusta Santos. This includes offering flowers to Iemanjá – a ritual to guarantee health during the entire year.

-The flowers can be roses or palms, seven in number, and must have their thorns previously removed. The person must deposit the flowers in the water with care and afterward praying an Our Father and a Hail Mary – she says.

Still, according to the initiated, it is advisable that those who are starting a relationship wear new clothing tonight so that the relationship is a lasting one. But, if the person’s love is not corresponded, the conqueror will have a little more work. He or she must write the name of the loved one seven times on the sole of the left shoe. Then, at midnight, he or she must beat the ground seven times with the left foot, repeating the name of the person they want to conquer.

Iemanjá can also assist those that want to have money throughout 2003. One must find a bill of the highest possible value and submerge it in the sea. As the bill is submerged in the water, the individual will say: “As Iemanjá and her fish reproduce, may Iemanjá grant that this bill is reproduced many, many times.” The bill must be allowed to dry in the sun and then carried in the person’s wallet.

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