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Cards, crystals and búzios indicate the occurrences that may affect 2003
Elieser Cesar

Replete with hopes and plans for a better life, the new year is also prodigal in forecasts, according to the most sensible and trustworthy seers, as well as the old charlatanism who try to anticipate the obvious, as the sprouting of new political leaders , new talents in the field of sports and the arts, and the death of famous people. The laypeople are betting that “the next year will be better”. The adepts of Candomblé cast the Búzios [cowries] – the oracle of Ifá – and psychics consult the cards and the crystals to indicate the paths that will open or close in 2003.

In Brazil, the year will start under the sign of change or movement, at least according to the campaign promises of president-elect, Inácio Luiz Lula Da Silva. Change has also been pointed out by the Tarot. “In political matters we will have many changes, conceptual and structural as well. There will be more opportunities for the impoverished classes, however, in the first part of the year, there will be much dissatisfaction,” said Tarot diviner Fátima Beth, of Tenda Oyá, en Itapuã, Salvador.

Women – She says that we will not see rapid changes in the economy, but glimpses at a possible reduction of unemployment in the second half of 2003, when “the economic crises will be alleviated.” “I do not believe that Lula came to bring the sun. He arrives carrying a hoe to till the soil and to plant a new seed, that will bother many people,” observed Fátima Beth, who specializes in the Tarot of Marseilles. According to her predictions, 2003 will see high points in ecology and the Justice system, which may be more expedient than usual.

The Tarot reader said that the next year will be guided by Venus – goddess that symbolizes the love, affectivity, beauty and favors artistic projects. “The year 2003 will be very favorable to women and good for the arts,” she guarantees. For women, because after two years (2001 and 2002) under masculine planetary validity (Mars and the Sun), the year that approaches will have the vibrations of Venus. “In this way it will be good also for manufacturers and sellers of cosmetics, clothes and beauty accessories,” she adds.

The fifth card of the Tarot is the Pope – “Kabalah symbol of the balance between reason and intuition, also representing responsibility and leadership.” Already the reader Isley Paiva warns: “Lula must have much patience, because disillusionment and anxiety will depress him.” Isley, who brags that 99% of her forecasts are true, added that Lula will have divergences with two ministers and three governors. In the world of sports, the Diego and Robinho will have more triumphs in 2003, as well as Acelino Popó Feitas who will also have good performances. In the world of cinema, the film “City of God” will continue its trajectory of success. E the presenter Gugu liberato, she guarantees, will become a father again.

Three orixás will guide the year

The year 2003 will be guided by a trio of orixás – Iansã [Oyá], Xangô [Shangó] and Ogún. This prediction was made by babalorixá Ducho de Ogún, of the terreiro Ilê Axé Auá Negy, located in Engenho Velho da Federação, in Salvador, after consulting the Búzios early yesterday afternoon. “Ogún will hand over the year’s regency to Iansã and Xangô, but because of his rivalry with the latter orixá, he will not cease to influence the new year,” explains the pai-de-santo.

“Goddess of lightning, of darkness and of storms, Iansã will defend us all with her sword. Orixá of justice, Xangô, will use a golden key to open and to unblock humanity’s paths. He will bear a quill and a book to defend in the courts those who are accused unjustly. With his sword and his metals, Ogún will also reign. He will always remain close to Iansã and Xangô,” he added.

Ducho of Ogún said that, in 2003, the orixás will ask for peace and mercy for the men. He affirmed that the president-elect, Inácio Luiz Lula Da Silva, “must have understanding with the poor people, so that those that are suffering do not have to bear any more necessities.” After observing that it was not he but the oracle that was responsible for the forecasts, Ducho de Ogún affirmed that Lula will find many difficulties “to disentangle everything that is there.” The babalorixá also added that the orixás want the union of the family, what he considers an important way to end the disharmony in the world, and asks that other religions respect Candomblé. A Pentecostal church is only a few meters from Ducho de Ogún’s terreiro.

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