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When visiting yesterday the terreiro Ilê Odô Ogê, in the area of Baixa Fria (Boca do Rio), mayor Antonio Imbassahy announced the construction of a square in the terreiro’s plaza, which is scheduled to begin in October. The space will be called Black Mother, in homage to all ialorixás of Brazil, and is an ancient vindication to all the past African cult houses. The mayor expects that the square, that will be on the opposite side of the terreiro, will be inaugurated between January and February of the next year and that it will help to integrate the Boca do Rio community.

Technicians from the city’s infrastructure department (Semin) will elaborate a project specifically tailored to the available space. The square must have a kiosk and a belvedere from where it will be possible to see the coastline. The terreiro’s Babalorixá Air José Souza de Jesús, explains that the space belonged to the house in the past and now will be symbolically returned with the construction of the square. “All the members of the terreiro are very thankful to the mayor for this project that will give dignity to this space,” said Air.

During the visit, Imbassahy was told the history of the Ilê Odô Ogê (House of the silver mortar) terreiro, established in 1963 for Mother Caetana, aunt of babalorixá Air Caetano. The mayor was impressed about the care with which the terreiro is treated, and also with a memorial dedicated to Mae Caetana and a library. “Salvador is a different city, more humane and tolerant, because of the existance of places like the terreiro Ilê Odô Ogê,” affirmed the mayor.

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