• Bridget Thomas, Abirola
  • Carmen Allen, Obalofun
  • Chet Jackson, Omitile
  • Darrick Griffin, Omisainde
  • Elizabeth Bennett, Ibuyunmi
  • Gwen Luster, Oriola
  • Jodie Fick Coralie
  • Reina Fedu, Shangobi
  • Teresa Rodrigez, Oyeyei
  • Tiombe Meteye, Oshunleye
  • Yvette Thomas, Agongoloju

The meeting began with an overview of events that have taken place since Sept. 11. We came together to discuss doing the agban for Asojano as advised by Oshun during the drum in Miami. Background information on additional Orisha advice provided at the drums given for Oggün in Miami and Chicago was discussed. It was determined that call would put out to the larger Chicago community. Nelson Vergara has said that he is giving his support to this project, as well as Elizabeth and Orisegun who have also stated that they are interested in participating. Kathryn Forestal could not attend due to illness, but has also expressed interest in participating.

Chet asked what else was said at the drum in Miami. It was briefly discussed that other Orishas came down to work with individuals who needed help at that time, while others were dealing with the larger community.

Questions were raised as to whether we should do divination for ourselves and also what people thought about the process of working together to do the agban here. Everyone was in agreement that the agban should be done, as several other Oloshas had received the same messages given by Eggun and Orisha. Asabi suggested we work through the structure established in Miami first, then for us to come together, gather support and define what needs to be done by Oloshas here in Chicago. Gwen felt that it is necessary for us to work here because this is where we live, and where we can directly benefit our spiritual houses and our families, our neighborhoods and the larger community.

Because she is the eldest priest in our group, it was agreed to ask Carmen’s Asojano if he would take the prescribed agban ebbó for the group. Obi was given and Asojano agreed and wanted 2 guineas. The ingredients for the agban were also determined. All omo Orisha of our combined houses should attend the agban. The Olosha community will contribute for the ceremony, and any monetary contents from the jicara will be contributed to the needy. Clara’s House in the Englewood neighborhood is the designated charity. It is a home for abused women and their children.

Money was collected for the agban and everyone was assigned a task. The ceremony will be held Monday December 17 at 8:00 p.m. Everyone should bring something for a communal meal. Napkins, cups, and paper towels will be taken care of by Teresa and Asabi (cups), and Gwen (paper towels). Elizabeth and Asabi will also donate forks.

It was mentioned that we should overcome hesitancy to work with each other’s Orishas, especially when we have spiritual work as a community that must be done. In these circumstances it may be necessary for the senior priest of a particular Orisha to make ebbó on behalf of the community. The main thing is that we are able to do the ebbós that are prescribed by Orisha.

The ebo prescribed by Yemonja was discussed. Yemonja said that a pig’s head should be offered to Olorun, placed in front of Obatala. It should be covered with efun and ori.. The next day the tutelary Orisha should be asked where the offering should go. It was suggested that Darrick ask his Yemonja if our community can offer ebbó to her. Carmen said that in Africa if ebbó needed to be offered by particular Orisha that the people would go to the priests of that Orisha to offer ebbó. Other ebbós needed are fresh fruit to Shango constantly, and we should offer Odudua a glass of seltzer water with 4 pieces of Ori in it. Oggün also asked for green coconut with ori covering the meat of the coco. Individual houses would do these ebbós.

Elizabeth suggested that after this we come together at the beginning of the year to determine our focus for the upcoming year. Asabi suggested that we meet again after the agban before the end of the year. I think the group decided to try and meet before the end of the year; to de-brief and schedule the meeting for 2002. A date for a meeting will be determined on December 9.

If we stay positive and show that we can work together, we can make this work. We discussed asking everyone in our community, and it was decided that we should ask everyone and then see what happens.

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